Eftersom att vi har haft så mycket att göra så skriver jag veckans utvärdering.

Vi har som sagt haft en fullproppad vecka, jag ska försöka återge så mycket som möjligt för er.

Måndag: Vi filmade till vår film om kompis på nätet på förmiddagen, nu är det mesta klart och vi ska snart sätta oss och klippa ihop allt. Det kommer bli en riktigt bra film, var så säkra.

Tisdag: Vi hade Nationella prov i engelska hela dagen. Sexorna var indelade i grupper som besökte mig eller Britt-Marie. De som inte hade Nationella prov med oss arbetade tillsammans med Helena BB i klassrummet. Det är mycket som ska bli klart även där, redovisningar i Historia, Geografi och Engelska nästa vecka.

Onsdag: Vi hade två Nationella prov, båda i engelska. En del läsförståelse och en del hörförståelse. Mellan proven så besökte polisen och spelare från Sundsvall Dragons sexorna och pratade i förebyggande syfte. Samtliga sexor i Sundsvalls kommuns kommunala skolor får besök av dessa.

Torsdag: Inga Nationella prov under torsdagen, däremot lite annat schemabrytande. Vi har lyckats få pengar från Skapande skola även den här terminen och nu är det skrivande som står på dagordningen. Kersti Björkman, drama- och skrivpedagog från Stockholm, arbetade med klassen under eftermiddagen. Läxan är att lägga ut något av de ni skrev tillsammans med Kersti på bloggen senast måndag då hon kommer tillbaka till oss igen.

Fredag: På morgonen hade vi det sista Nationella provet i engelska, skrivdelen. Just nu har 6c musik och sedan svenska och idrott.

En intensiv vecka alltså. Nästa vecka blir rolig, då är det många arbeten som ska redovisas. En helt naturlig del i vårt arbete.


Polisen och spelare från Dragons i en diskussion med elever

Nationella prov

Full koncentration på Nationella proven

Kreativt skrivande

Rasmus läser upp en ”elvling” för klassen


I did Interview Lars Byström, I askd him about hes life and so on. Some of the question was;


– Hello!

What is your name?

– My name is Lars Bylund.

How old are you?

– Im 50 years old.

Are you married?

– No, Im not married.

What is your favorite food?

– My mothers spaghetti and meat sauce, thats really tasty.

What is you favorite movie?

– Its fast and furious. Or if that is to hard to spell the James Bond movies.


What do you like to do on your free time?

– I like to drive scooter, in Åre or hullsjön. Just if I can drive am I happy-

What was you favorite supkect in school?

– Hmm, thats an hard one, I didnt like music, not paint etiher. I though maths was pretty fun.

What do you work as?

– Im working as an site manager in NCC construction.

What do you think about your work?

– Nah, I know funnyier things.

Are you the person that leads the big construction of the big apartment house in Skönsmon?

– Yes, Im the site manager there.

What do you think about that tehy build a big apartment there?

– I think its very fun to do something new, it was a long time ago we did something like in this city.

Which is your favoirte music style?

– Its probadly pop, as you younger persons call it.

Have you had any different jobs before?

– Yes I workd as a busss driver, I did sell news papper, as an kalkulator and on ICA.

If you had a superpower, which would you chose? And why?

– I would chose flying, its becuase the over blick and the freedom. Or maybe invissible, just so I can hear what other say when they dont see me.

What is your shoe size?

– Its 42…

Thank you Lars


My english homework

I have interview a norweigan friend 🙂

Linda:What is your name?

Wenche: My names is Wenche

Linda:Do you have any pets?

Wenche: i have two dog those names is Tainy and laika and one cat her names is silkeline

Linda:where do you live?

Wenche: i live in sätre in norway

Linda: do you have any kids?

Wenche: no i do not have any kids

Linda:do you like Sweden?

Wenche: yes i like Sweden very much

Linda:what do you work with?

Wenche: i work at sfo (fritids)

Linda: how old are you?

Wenche: i am 43 years old


Interview w.4

Hello today i have been interviewed Ida from Finland by Skype!

Question 1:  What are you doing right on this moment?
Answer: I watching a serial called Vampire Diaries and I think I’ts really exciting.

Question 2: What are you using most of these social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc?
Answer: I don’t use social medias so much but if i need to chose one I should say Facebook but I aren’t using that so much either.

Question 3: Are you a big fan of Justin Bieber?
Answer: No, I don’t like he’s voice.

Question 4: What is the name of the president in you’re country?
Answer: He is called Sauli Niinistö and he has been our president in soon three years.

Question 5: Whats your favorite drink?
Answer: Water of course!

Question 6: Your favorite place to be in summer?
Answer: Chill at the pool and take it easy 😉

Question 7: Your favorite place to be in winter?
Answer: On my room with a cup of hot chocolate.

Question 8: The best mobile brand?
Answer: Samsung! It’s so fast and easy to handle with!

Question 9: Say one thing that you has wanted to learn so long but never has been learned?
Answer: German, I have so much problem to learn these Schh sounds and I think I’ts really hard overall

Final question!: If you can have any super powers which super power do you want to have?
Final answer!: I has always wanted to read minds, but I will also be invisible

Thank you Ida for being a part of this interview!


Interview with Nathan

Hello! This is an interview with my friend from the Xbox clan ESCE ( Exiled Soldiers Corrupted Executioners).

What is your name

My name is Nathan ( he diden’t want me to use is second name for special resons).

What is your favorite food?

Even that its not food, but i got to have to say really sweet candy!

What can you tell me about yourself?

I am from unitedkingdom and i have quite a big family.

Do you have any pets?

Yes actually, both a dog and a cat.

How long have you been a member of ESCE?

For about five days.

What is your favorite game?

I probably must say minecraft becuse i really like that game.

Do you have any other intrests  than gaming?

When i am not playing games i probably are reading a good book or so.


That’s all for me, thanks for reading and see you in the next text  i write!


Interview again


I have got a interview with my cousin Viola, sh`e not so good at English so I ask her on Swedish and translate to English.
What`s your name?
Answer: My name is Viola
How old are you?
Answer: I`m five years old, I was born then 27 Mars 2009.
What`s your favorite season?
Answer: I like summer most because it`s worm and the flowers are growing and I can swim in the water.
What`s your favorite animal?
Answer: My favorite animal is dogs and horses, I like dogs because they are nice. And I like horses because I go in horse-riding.
What`s your favorite sport?
Answer: It`s horse-riding, it`s funny because I like horses
What`s your favorite color?
Answer: I love red, it`s a nice color and red match to many thinks
What`s your favorite food?
Answer: I like pankakes, becouse it`s very much suger
What`s your intresst?
Answer: I like to swim in the water, I like to bowla and I like to be with you (Hugo Lu)
Who is your favorite artist?
Answer: It`s Eric Saade becouse I think at he is nice and he sing good
What`s your favorite genre in movies?
Answer: It`s comedy becouse it`s funny, and i like Love, I don`t know why but I like it
Where do you want to trevel?
Answer: I will treval to Spain, if we have all inclusive, becouse if we have that I can drink many drinks. And I like at it`s hot there, and I can swim in the water, and live on a nice hotel
Did you like to go on Bio?
Answer: Yes! I love it! I can eat popcorn and baconchips and watch on movies on a big screen.
Thanks for this Viola!

Interview homework

Hello! I interview my friend Isabelle, and I ask her some questions . I call her by the phone and ask, this is what she answer.

1:How many vicktoria secret do you have? and where did you buy them? What is they name?

Answer: I have five vicktoria secret and I bout them in the city and london. I have mango teptasten, pure seduction, coconet passion, secret charm and hello darling.

2:What is your favorite color? Do you wear them often?

Answer: It is blue, silver and white. Sometimes i wear them.

3:what is your favourite sport? and why?

Answer: Dance and riding , and it is fun for it is so many diffrent steps in dance.

4:How old are you? When is your birthday? Which starsign do you have?

Answer: I am 12 years old, my birtday is 30 december and my starsign is stenbock.

5: What is your favorite season? Why?

Answer: my favorite season is summer .Becuase it is warm and I can swim in my pool.

6: Which are your favorite country? Have you been there?

Answer: It most be spain, I have been there many times.

7: What is your favorite store to buy clothes in?

Answer:Holister and Hm becuas they have nice clothes.

8:Which is your favorite animal? why?

Answer; cat, dog and horse becuase cat is cozy , dog is nice and fun. Horse is fun to ride on.

9:What is your favorite dessert? can you cook it you self?

Answer: it is pannacotta and no I don´t can cook pannacotta.

10:What was your first word ?

answer: it was ball my first word.

11:What is your favorite movie? Have you seen it many times?

Answer: I don´t know it is many movies i like.

12:What is your favorite food? eat it often?

Answer:It is pasta carbonara and sometimes not so often.

13:Do you like school?

Answer: kind of it depens of which lesson we have.

14:Which phone do you have? do you like your phone?

Answer I have a I phone 4 and yes i do I think that it is a good telephone.

15:Which channel is your favorite?

Answer: disney channel it have many of my favorite tv-show.

16:What was the first country you was abroad?

Answer:I am not sure but I think it is spain.

17: Have you been interview before?

Anser: yes I have.

Thanks for the intreview issa and god bye 😉 🙂





English interview

Hello I have been interviewed my cousin Nathalie. She is 21 years old and I did the interview on skype while she is in USA since June last year. I asked her 12 questions.

Question number 1. What´s your favourite food Nathalie?

Answer: My favourite food is potato gratin

Question number 2. What´s your favourite colour?

Answer: My favourite colour is yellow

Question number 3. What´s your interests ?

Answer: Most of all I love music but I also like football

Question number 4. Witch animal do you like most ?

Answer: My favourite animals are horses and cats

Question number 5. What do you work with now?

Answer: I work as Au pair in USA, in the state of New Jersey

Question number 6. What´s your favourite movie?

Answer: My favourite movie is ”Chasing Liberty”

Question number 7. What´s your favourite candy?

Answer: It is definitely MARABOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Question number 8. What´s your favourite season ?

Answer: My favourite seasons is both the winter and the summer

Question number 9. What was your favourite subject in school?

Answer: I liked Music best

Question number 10. What´s your favourite music style ?

Answer: I like pop and R&B most

Question number 11. Which sport do you like most to watch on tv  ?

Answer: Most of all I like to watch ice hockey

Question number 12. Which country do you like best ?

Answer: It is absolutely SWEDEN!!!!!!!

I thank you very much Nathalie for taking your time to answer my questions from over there 🙂 I look forward to you coming home

Good bye



Interview firerguys

1:qustion How long does it takes from the alarm to go and when you are in the cars?
Answer: 90 second are we trying to beat but sometimes do it take longer than that.
2:qustion Do you often need to rescue people from housesthat is on firer?
That happends sometimes but often people know what to do when it´s a firer.
3:qustion Do you work night or day?
answer:we are two groups and im whit the daytime groupe.
4:qustion how many people work there?
We work together whit timrå, only here in sundsvall we are eight people but in the hole medelpad we are one to two hundred
5:qustion are it dangerous whit toxic gases?
Answer: the firer is´t the dangerous it´s the smoke that kills.
6:qustion Do it happend that it is prank calls?
answer: it happends but it is SOS that takes all calls but you noticing when it´s a prank call.
7:qustion How many accident happand on one day?
Answer:It can be seventin but it can be diffrent , if it´s slippery more pele can get hurt.
8:qustion how many guys go when it is a firer?
answer: it usually be five guys but if it is a bigger firer it´s more there. 😉

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