Min uppfinning

axel6cteknikDen här ”maka-pären” är gjord så att att den inte går sönder lika lätt. Den lila rektangulära saken är typ som en ”tablet”. Man kan bara trycka på den stora knappen, då fäller den ut sig till en telefon, en APhone. Den har alla möjliga utag blandannat USB och HDMI. Den har skydds glass så den är ganska tjock. ca 0.5 cm. Den har inbyggda högtalare längst ner. //Axel

Jag vet inte vad det här ska kallas…

Hem ifrån mig till skolan (hos min mamma) är det 508 meter, jag gissade på 512 meter så jag är ganska nöjd 😉

Lite annat onödig fakta:

Det är 50 839 cm

51 kilometer

20 015 tum

1668 fot

555 yard

0,32 mile

27 sjömil som är väldigt nödvendigt att veta…

298 smoot

Ni kanske undrar varför det är så exakt, jag avrunded det!

(VARNING inte inspererad utav Calles läxa!)

Om jag vore… En lycktstolpe

Om jag vore en lyktstople skulle jag…

Stå i parken i stan och slå på och av mitt ljuss så jag irreterar alla runt omkring mig.

Jag skulle även börja skrika ifall jag såg´en hund komma in i parken, jag vill inte att den ska kissa på mig, då kommer alla andra lyktstolpar att skratta åt mig, det kan bli pinsamt.

Jag skulle försöka håll mig varm efter som att om järn blir kallt som blir det riktigt kallt.

Jag skulle också sjunga dumma sånger i en konstig dialekt, t.ex. Shrine Bright Like An Dimond och I’m gonna light up your world!

Tack för mig välkommen åter.


I did Interview Lars Byström, I askd him about hes life and so on. Some of the question was;


– Hello!

What is your name?

– My name is Lars Bylund.

How old are you?

– Im 50 years old.

Are you married?

– No, Im not married.

What is your favorite food?

– My mothers spaghetti and meat sauce, thats really tasty.

What is you favorite movie?

– Its fast and furious. Or if that is to hard to spell the James Bond movies.


What do you like to do on your free time?

– I like to drive scooter, in Åre or hullsjön. Just if I can drive am I happy-

What was you favorite supkect in school?

– Hmm, thats an hard one, I didnt like music, not paint etiher. I though maths was pretty fun.

What do you work as?

– Im working as an site manager in NCC construction.

What do you think about your work?

– Nah, I know funnyier things.

Are you the person that leads the big construction of the big apartment house in Skönsmon?

– Yes, Im the site manager there.

What do you think about that tehy build a big apartment there?

– I think its very fun to do something new, it was a long time ago we did something like in this city.

Which is your favoirte music style?

– Its probadly pop, as you younger persons call it.

Have you had any different jobs before?

– Yes I workd as a busss driver, I did sell news papper, as an kalkulator and on ICA.

If you had a superpower, which would you chose? And why?

– I would chose flying, its becuase the over blick and the freedom. Or maybe invissible, just so I can hear what other say when they dont see me.

What is your shoe size?

– Its 42…

Thank you Lars



I did interview my mother.

Whats your name?

– Sofia.

Whats your favorit food?

– My favorit food is potato gratin and meat.

What was your favorit subject in school?

– It was image, but that was in the 9 grad.

How old are you?

– Im 40 years old, but I feel much younger.

Whats you favorit TV show?

– It most be Solsidan, I dont watch TV that often.

Whats you favorit movie then?

– Its the Lords of the rings trilogy.

Which is your favorit song?

– Its Monsters whit EMINEM and Rihanna.

Which is your favorit singer?

– Its Rihanna.

Which is your favorit season in the year?

– Its summer, of course.

Wat is your favorit animal?

– Its cats, they are pretty cute.

Which country would you like to go to?

– Dominican Republic, Its warm and nice water there 🙂


Real facts

We, me and Rasmus did ask our creepy teacher to answear some questions;

We did ask Mathias Nässpetare how old he was, he was… ehhh, very old… We did ask him whats hes favorit singer was, it is morsi morris, we did also ask him about hes favorit song it was oppa gangnam style.

Rasmus did ask him wich food he did enjoy the most, it was wood food/plankstek. He favorit car brand was Volvo 740 turbo. We did ask him wich animal he likes and it was (hot)dogs. Hes favorit film is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he really thinks its romantic and funny.

We did ask him if he are a crazy person or a serious persron, at the same time we askd that did he jump out of the window and did 2 backflips and landed on a ant.

How dangerous he is on a scale, 11/10. Beware.





Obs: not real facts.