teknik läxa (Plex813)

Det är en mobil sån som vi har idag fast den är genomskinlig och den är böj bar och den är 2 mm tjock och super lätt ungefär som en fjäder, Och man kan köpa en baksida till den i t.ex blå, röd, grön osv om men skriver något privat. Den heter Plex813. Den har alla funktioner som den Iphone 5 har men Siri heter Emma och den är mycket smartare en Siri för den kan komma upp ur fickan om man säger ring Evert då kommer den upp ur fickan och den ringer Evert. Sen väckarklockan är röst aktiverad om man vill snooza så säger du snooze och om du vill du stänga av den så säg bara stäng av. Idag kan dom inte vara genomskinlig och böjliga men i framtiden kan dom det. dom kan röst styras i framtiden. väckarklocka kommer att finnas i framtiden så man kommer i tid. jag skulle vilja att man ska ha en handsfree så man ringer folk om man vill något.


Interview w.4

Hello today i have been interviewed Ida from Finland by Skype!

Question 1:  What are you doing right on this moment?
Answer: I watching a serial called Vampire Diaries and I think I’ts really exciting.

Question 2: What are you using most of these social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc?
Answer: I don’t use social medias so much but if i need to chose one I should say Facebook but I aren’t using that so much either.

Question 3: Are you a big fan of Justin Bieber?
Answer: No, I don’t like he’s voice.

Question 4: What is the name of the president in you’re country?
Answer: He is called Sauli Niinistö and he has been our president in soon three years.

Question 5: Whats your favorite drink?
Answer: Water of course!

Question 6: Your favorite place to be in summer?
Answer: Chill at the pool and take it easy 😉

Question 7: Your favorite place to be in winter?
Answer: On my room with a cup of hot chocolate.

Question 8: The best mobile brand?
Answer: Samsung! It’s so fast and easy to handle with!

Question 9: Say one thing that you has wanted to learn so long but never has been learned?
Answer: German, I have so much problem to learn these Schh sounds and I think I’ts really hard overall

Final question!: If you can have any super powers which super power do you want to have?
Final answer!: I has always wanted to read minds, but I will also be invisible

Thank you Ida for being a part of this interview!


How we do at Christmas

At Christmas eve, in the morning, me and my family usually put us at the Christmas tree. I read the text to what present is for who.. And in the backround we usually have a video on TV, with  sparkling fire. I think this is very cosy. When we are finished celebrating at home, my family usually drives to our grandparents house. = Mormor och Morfar. When  the clock is 15.00. we usually watch Donald Duck. The funnyiest on this movie is  Woody Woodpecker = Hacke hackspett.

He sais:


It`s very funny.

After that we go to the Christmas tree and open the gifts. And after that we eat the Christmas food. The most tasteful it`s the Prince-hotdogs.

And after that I´m usually a little bit tired, so I go to the bed and sleep.

Next day my family drives to my Grandmother = Farmor. And there, we eat our second Christmas food, and open a gifts for the third time.

Bye bye and have a Very good Christmas and a Happy New Year!

By: Hugge10

English Homework

Caramel cookie!

I baked Caramel cookies, this is one of me favourite cookies. I chose to do this work because I like baking. I faoud the recipe in mums recipebook. I baked all by myself. I think it went very well and the cookies tastes greate!! While I baked the cookies mum sat in the sofa, watching TV and the computer.  If you want to make this cookies, you can see here how to do:

100 g butter

1 dl sugar

1 tsk light sirup

2 1/2 dl flour

1 msk vanillasugar

1 tsk baking powder

owen 175 `c in 12 minutes


Recipes – Recpet

owen – ugn

flour – vetemjöl                      



This week I will tell you about me and England. I`m a boy on 12 years. My interests are football and FIFA 14. My favorite food is Pancake and Hamburger. My favorite color it is Red and Black.  I`ll don`t like racist people, I think at all people are worth as much.


England is very popular because they are very great in football. The biggest teams is Manchester United and Manchester City. But they have one more popular thing in England, and that is Fish and Chips. In England, they have a big shopping house with toys on the first floor, on the second floor .a.s.o.


First, peole in India thought that earth was flat. And if you travelled too far away on the water, you would fall over! But later on, they realized that the earth was round.


ASO – And so on = OSV

Flat – Platt

 Racist – Rasistiskt 

Halloween Homework

All Halloween evenings, people dresses up to a demon, or something frightening and go to neighbor to knock on their door. In Sweden we say:

– Bus eller Godis?

In England and USA and other countries, they say:

– Trick or treat?

You carve eyes and a mouth into a pumpkin. The pumpkin is a vegetable. When you say: trick or treat, people must  think it is a bit like a riddle.

The name on this day is all saints day!

The end!


Pumpkin – Pumpa

Riddle – Gåta

Knock- Knacka

Vegetable – Grönsaker