Interview firerguys

1:qustion How long does it takes from the alarm to go and when you are in the cars?
Answer: 90 second are we trying to beat but sometimes do it take longer than that.
2:qustion Do you often need to rescue people from housesthat is on firer?
That happends sometimes but often people know what to do when it´s a firer.
3:qustion Do you work night or day?
answer:we are two groups and im whit the daytime groupe.
4:qustion how many people work there?
We work together whit timrå, only here in sundsvall we are eight people but in the hole medelpad we are one to two hundred
5:qustion are it dangerous whit toxic gases?
Answer: the firer is´t the dangerous it´s the smoke that kills.
6:qustion Do it happend that it is prank calls?
answer: it happends but it is SOS that takes all calls but you noticing when it´s a prank call.
7:qustion How many accident happand on one day?
Answer:It can be seventin but it can be diffrent , if it´s slippery more pele can get hurt.
8:qustion how many guys go when it is a firer?
answer: it usually be five guys but if it is a bigger firer it´s more there. 😉

This post is made of // pidaida and niilz.
The others in the group Benjamin,Calle, Andreas and Rasmus

1 thought on “Interview firerguys

  1. Jag rekomenderar att du läser igenom texten innan ni lägger ut den, är ni osäker hur fire stavas så kåla med en vuxen eller internet 🙂


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