Interview again


I have got a interview with my cousin Viola, sh`e not so good at English so I ask her on Swedish and translate to English.
What`s your name?
Answer: My name is Viola
How old are you?
Answer: I`m five years old, I was born then 27 Mars 2009.
What`s your favorite season?
Answer: I like summer most because it`s worm and the flowers are growing and I can swim in the water.
What`s your favorite animal?
Answer: My favorite animal is dogs and horses, I like dogs because they are nice. And I like horses because I go in horse-riding.
What`s your favorite sport?
Answer: It`s horse-riding, it`s funny because I like horses
What`s your favorite color?
Answer: I love red, it`s a nice color and red match to many thinks
What`s your favorite food?
Answer: I like pankakes, becouse it`s very much suger
What`s your intresst?
Answer: I like to swim in the water, I like to bowla and I like to be with you (Hugo Lu)
Who is your favorite artist?
Answer: It`s Eric Saade becouse I think at he is nice and he sing good
What`s your favorite genre in movies?
Answer: It`s comedy becouse it`s funny, and i like Love, I don`t know why but I like it
Where do you want to trevel?
Answer: I will treval to Spain, if we have all inclusive, becouse if we have that I can drink many drinks. And I like at it`s hot there, and I can swim in the water, and live on a nice hotel
Did you like to go on Bio?
Answer: Yes! I love it! I can eat popcorn and baconchips and watch on movies on a big screen.
Thanks for this Viola!


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