English interview

Hello I have been interviewed my cousin Nathalie. She is 21 years old and I did the interview on skype while she is in USA since June last year. I asked her 12 questions.

Question number 1. What´s your favourite food Nathalie?

Answer: My favourite food is potato gratin

Question number 2. What´s your favourite colour?

Answer: My favourite colour is yellow

Question number 3. What´s your interests ?

Answer: Most of all I love music but I also like football

Question number 4. Witch animal do you like most ?

Answer: My favourite animals are horses and cats

Question number 5. What do you work with now?

Answer: I work as Au pair in USA, in the state of New Jersey

Question number 6. What´s your favourite movie?

Answer: My favourite movie is ”Chasing Liberty”

Question number 7. What´s your favourite candy?

Answer: It is definitely MARABOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Question number 8. What´s your favourite season ?

Answer: My favourite seasons is both the winter and the summer

Question number 9. What was your favourite subject in school?

Answer: I liked Music best

Question number 10. What´s your favourite music style ?

Answer: I like pop and R&B most

Question number 11. Which sport do you like most to watch on tv  ?

Answer: Most of all I like to watch ice hockey

Question number 12. Which country do you like best ?

Answer: It is absolutely SWEDEN!!!!!!!

I thank you very much Nathalie for taking your time to answer my questions from over there 🙂 I look forward to you coming home

Good bye





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