Svenska läxa

Du och jag

hans varma mage


istället för att gå till skolan

Jag gråter när jag vill

i mörkret

och sorgen känns tung

solen hetnar

plutsligt kan glädjen uppenbara sig

en frasig plätt



jag gråter när jag vill

när jag tänker på vissa saker

eller på vissa händelser

när tåren rinner ner för kinden

blir sorgen tung

efter ett tag

blir glädjen här igen

men tyvär

kan sorgen uppenbara sig

det känns som

man blir ensam när man gråter

det blir extra sorgligt när tåren tappar gräppet

och faller

till vattnets yta

och man ser inte inte

sin egen spegelbild i vattnet längre


Hoppas ni gillade min läxa.


Interview with Nathan

Hello! This is an interview with my friend from the Xbox clan ESCE ( Exiled Soldiers Corrupted Executioners).

What is your name

My name is Nathan ( he diden’t want me to use is second name for special resons).

What is your favorite food?

Even that its not food, but i got to have to say really sweet candy!

What can you tell me about yourself?

I am from unitedkingdom and i have quite a big family.

Do you have any pets?

Yes actually, both a dog and a cat.

How long have you been a member of ESCE?

For about five days.

What is your favorite game?

I probably must say minecraft becuse i really like that game.

Do you have any other intrests  than gaming?

When i am not playing games i probably are reading a good book or so.


That’s all for me, thanks for reading and see you in the next text  i write!


Interwiev with school teacher!

Interwiev with gymnastic teacher!



Question 1. Whats your name?

My name is  Linda Stenlund.


Question 2. Do you think your boss is nice?

Yes I do.


Question 3. What is your favorite movie?

I don’t really know, it was such a long time sins I saw a movie.


Question 4. If you earned a superpower, what would it be?

I would really enjoy being a wizard!


Question 5. Where do you live?

I live in Sundsvall, Sidelake.





English homework 1.0

Hello! Today I’am going to talk about Halloween.  Halloween is that day when all of the ghost and spirits come down to earth. In early days like 1000000 before Christ (I don’t really know myself) the people thought that they need to prepare to scare away the ghosts. They dressed up like witches and  other scary wraiths. Some of them place a Jack o lantern (a lightning pumpkin)  somewhere near the house because they don’t want that the demons should came in to their house. Even today most of the people do this things on Halloween It Is a tradition. The children dresses up like scary things and go ”trick or treat”, that means they go to their neighbors and knock the door. If someone open the children says ”trick or treat!” If the man or women chose treat they need to give the children candy, cookies or something like that. But if they chose trick they can get some egg splashed on their windows or all the house wrapped in toilet paper. I have never gone ”trick or treat” i have no idea why, but I never got time to do that. The day after Halloween is all saints day and on that day you can go with candles and place on for example your great grand fathers grave, that means that they not have been forgotten and that people on earth will spend their love. I think that nothing on Halloween is frightening and that’s really boring because I love to be scared and when I get really, really scared about something I never got nightmares or something like that. I think I’am done now even if I didn’t got all of the words in my homework but I think that is good enough.



Before Christ = Före Kristus

Pumpkin = Pumpa

Windows = Fönster

Prepare = Förbereda sig

Because = Pågrund av

Nightmares = Mardrömmar

Wraith/Wraths =   Vålnad/Vålnader

Based on a (maybe) true story… ”Robbery”

I’t was an june midnight, and a spooky silence was over the happy town oxford. The people says that it was an robber sneaking in the edges of the town. Suddenly! 02:00 am the alarms howls and the city bank had become robbed. I’t was a big hole with the shape as a circle in the window and the robber gets in there. In the morning it was police mens all over the town, they searching for clues but the robber was really clever and left no trace. I saw it on the news when I eat my breakfast and I believed they I’ll never done it (even though we have science, etc.) . Now two weeks later they’ve fool the robber ( I may not tell his name but i get an drawing of the robber) and now he are in the prison ( one police men get his index finger print on a glass) . The police men doesn’t found the weapon that the robber use cuse it’s float away across the sea. Now we can feel safe and happy in our beautiful little town again!

The end!

Utvärderting V.3

Den här veckan har vi fortsatt jobba med rymden. Och vi har jobbat med samer. Vi har även lärt oss mer om kometer. Jag tror att vi i klassen gillar att jobba med rymden (tror jag jag lovar det inte). Vi har även fått mer läxor vissa gillar det vissa gillar det inte. Klassen behöver träna på att hålla ett lungn även fsast vi jobbar med olika saker på olika ställen. Det får bli vårat mål. Jossan fyllde även år den här veckan.

written by: callebralle