Interview homework

Hello! I interview my friend Isabelle, and I ask her some questions . I call her by the phone and ask, this is what she answer.

1:How many vicktoria secret do you have? and where did you buy them? What is they name?

Answer: I have five vicktoria secret and I bout them in the city and london. I have mango teptasten, pure seduction, coconet passion, secret charm and hello darling.

2:What is your favorite color? Do you wear them often?

Answer: It is blue, silver and white. Sometimes i wear them.

3:what is your favourite sport? and why?

Answer: Dance and riding , and it is fun for it is so many diffrent steps in dance.

4:How old are you? When is your birthday? Which starsign do you have?

Answer: I am 12 years old, my birtday is 30 december and my starsign is stenbock.

5: What is your favorite season? Why?

Answer: my favorite season is summer .Becuase it is warm and I can swim in my pool.

6: Which are your favorite country? Have you been there?

Answer: It most be spain, I have been there many times.

7: What is your favorite store to buy clothes in?

Answer:Holister and Hm becuas they have nice clothes.

8:Which is your favorite animal? why?

Answer; cat, dog and horse becuase cat is cozy , dog is nice and fun. Horse is fun to ride on.

9:What is your favorite dessert? can you cook it you self?

Answer: it is pannacotta and no I don´t can cook pannacotta.

10:What was your first word ?

answer: it was ball my first word.

11:What is your favorite movie? Have you seen it many times?

Answer: I don´t know it is many movies i like.

12:What is your favorite food? eat it often?

Answer:It is pasta carbonara and sometimes not so often.

13:Do you like school?

Answer: kind of it depens of which lesson we have.

14:Which phone do you have? do you like your phone?

Answer I have a I phone 4 and yes i do I think that it is a good telephone.

15:Which channel is your favorite?

Answer: disney channel it have many of my favorite tv-show.

16:What was the first country you was abroad?

Answer:I am not sure but I think it is spain.

17: Have you been interview before?

Anser: yes I have.

Thanks for the intreview issa and god bye 😉 🙂





English interview

Hello I have been interviewed my cousin Nathalie. She is 21 years old and I did the interview on skype while she is in USA since June last year. I asked her 12 questions.

Question number 1. What´s your favourite food Nathalie?

Answer: My favourite food is potato gratin

Question number 2. What´s your favourite colour?

Answer: My favourite colour is yellow

Question number 3. What´s your interests ?

Answer: Most of all I love music but I also like football

Question number 4. Witch animal do you like most ?

Answer: My favourite animals are horses and cats

Question number 5. What do you work with now?

Answer: I work as Au pair in USA, in the state of New Jersey

Question number 6. What´s your favourite movie?

Answer: My favourite movie is ”Chasing Liberty”

Question number 7. What´s your favourite candy?

Answer: It is definitely MARABOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Question number 8. What´s your favourite season ?

Answer: My favourite seasons is both the winter and the summer

Question number 9. What was your favourite subject in school?

Answer: I liked Music best

Question number 10. What´s your favourite music style ?

Answer: I like pop and R&B most

Question number 11. Which sport do you like most to watch on tv  ?

Answer: Most of all I like to watch ice hockey

Question number 12. Which country do you like best ?

Answer: It is absolutely SWEDEN!!!!!!!

I thank you very much Nathalie for taking your time to answer my questions from over there 🙂 I look forward to you coming home

Good bye



Interview firerguys

1:qustion How long does it takes from the alarm to go and when you are in the cars?
Answer: 90 second are we trying to beat but sometimes do it take longer than that.
2:qustion Do you often need to rescue people from housesthat is on firer?
That happends sometimes but often people know what to do when it´s a firer.
3:qustion Do you work night or day?
answer:we are two groups and im whit the daytime groupe.
4:qustion how many people work there?
We work together whit timrå, only here in sundsvall we are eight people but in the hole medelpad we are one to two hundred
5:qustion are it dangerous whit toxic gases?
Answer: the firer is´t the dangerous it´s the smoke that kills.
6:qustion Do it happend that it is prank calls?
answer: it happends but it is SOS that takes all calls but you noticing when it´s a prank call.
7:qustion How many accident happand on one day?
Answer:It can be seventin but it can be diffrent , if it´s slippery more pele can get hurt.
8:qustion how many guys go when it is a firer?
answer: it usually be five guys but if it is a bigger firer it´s more there. 😉

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The others in the group Benjamin,Calle, Andreas and Rasmus

My interwiew!

Hey i’m gonna ask my dad some questions!!

Benjamin: How old are you?
Answer: 42 years young

Benjamin: what was you’r favorite subject in school?
Answer: teknical class

Benjamin: what’s you’r favorite artist?
Answer: metallica

Benjamin: what’s you’r name?
Answer: Paul

Benjamin: what was you’r dream job When you was young?
Answer: traveling engingeer

Benjamin: How many countries have you visited  when you were young?
Answer: USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, Venezuela and Barbados

Thanks for the interwiew Paul!!


Hi, today i interviewed my dad.

Andreas: Whats your name?
Dad: My name is Peter.
Andreas: How old are you?
Dad: I am 51 years old.
Andreas: Whats your favorite animal?
Dad: My favorite animal is dog.
Andreas: Whats your favorite food?
Dad: My favorite food is oven made pancake with pork.
Andreas: Whats your favorite season of the year?
Dad: My favorite season is summer.
Andreas: Whats your favorite movie?
Dad: My favorite movie is One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.
Andreas: Whats your favorite sport?
Dad: My favorite sport is dart.
Andreas: Where would u like to travel?
Dad: I would like to travel to Austraila.


I did interview my mother.

Whats your name?

– Sofia.

Whats your favorit food?

– My favorit food is potato gratin and meat.

What was your favorit subject in school?

– It was image, but that was in the 9 grad.

How old are you?

– Im 40 years old, but I feel much younger.

Whats you favorit TV show?

– It most be Solsidan, I dont watch TV that often.

Whats you favorit movie then?

– Its the Lords of the rings trilogy.

Which is your favorit song?

– Its Monsters whit EMINEM and Rihanna.

Which is your favorit singer?

– Its Rihanna.

Which is your favorit season in the year?

– Its summer, of course.

Wat is your favorit animal?

– Its cats, they are pretty cute.

Which country would you like to go to?

– Dominican Republic, Its warm and nice water there 🙂