Interview w.4

Hello today i have been interviewed Ida from Finland by Skype!

Question 1:  What are you doing right on this moment?
Answer: I watching a serial called Vampire Diaries and I think I’ts really exciting.

Question 2: What are you using most of these social medias: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr etc?
Answer: I don’t use social medias so much but if i need to chose one I should say Facebook but I aren’t using that so much either.

Question 3: Are you a big fan of Justin Bieber?
Answer: No, I don’t like he’s voice.

Question 4: What is the name of the president in you’re country?
Answer: He is called Sauli Niinistö and he has been our president in soon three years.

Question 5: Whats your favorite drink?
Answer: Water of course!

Question 6: Your favorite place to be in summer?
Answer: Chill at the pool and take it easy 😉

Question 7: Your favorite place to be in winter?
Answer: On my room with a cup of hot chocolate.

Question 8: The best mobile brand?
Answer: Samsung! It’s so fast and easy to handle with!

Question 9: Say one thing that you has wanted to learn so long but never has been learned?
Answer: German, I have so much problem to learn these Schh sounds and I think I’ts really hard overall

Final question!: If you can have any super powers which super power do you want to have?
Final answer!: I has always wanted to read minds, but I will also be invisible

Thank you Ida for being a part of this interview!



Hello my name is Hugo/ Hugge10 and I want to ask questions to you.
My first question:

What`s your name?
Answer: My name is Peter.

How old are you?
Answer: I`m 49 years old.

What`s your favourite season?
Answer: My favourite season is Summer and Winter.

What`s your favourite animal?
Answer: I like dogs.

What`s your favourite sport?
Answer: I like football very much!

What`s your favourite color?
Answer: It`s blou.

What`s your favourite food?
Answer: It is a good steak with friedpotatoes

What`s your intresst?
Answer: My intressts is music and sport.

Who is your favourite artist?
Answer: I like David Bowie.

What`s your favourite genre in/ of movies?
Answer: It is action

Thank`s for that and good bye.