I did Interview Lars Byström, I askd him about hes life and so on. Some of the question was;


– Hello!

What is your name?

– My name is Lars Bylund.

How old are you?

– Im 50 years old.

Are you married?

– No, Im not married.

What is your favorite food?

– My mothers spaghetti and meat sauce, thats really tasty.

What is you favorite movie?

– Its fast and furious. Or if that is to hard to spell the James Bond movies.


What do you like to do on your free time?

– I like to drive scooter, in Åre or hullsjön. Just if I can drive am I happy-

What was you favorite supkect in school?

– Hmm, thats an hard one, I didnt like music, not paint etiher. I though maths was pretty fun.

What do you work as?

– Im working as an site manager in NCC construction.

What do you think about your work?

– Nah, I know funnyier things.

Are you the person that leads the big construction of the big apartment house in Skönsmon?

– Yes, Im the site manager there.

What do you think about that tehy build a big apartment there?

– I think its very fun to do something new, it was a long time ago we did something like in this city.

Which is your favoirte music style?

– Its probadly pop, as you younger persons call it.

Have you had any different jobs before?

– Yes I workd as a busss driver, I did sell news papper, as an kalkulator and on ICA.

If you had a superpower, which would you chose? And why?

– I would chose flying, its becuase the over blick and the freedom. Or maybe invissible, just so I can hear what other say when they dont see me.

What is your shoe size?

– Its 42…

Thank you Lars



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