My Letter!

 Hello everybody!

 I’m a handsome guy that love mountain biking. I have a big family whit six members. I’m eleven and a half years old and I’m in the best time in my life. I’m 100% Swedish and I think it’s really boring. I have two big dreams, one of them is I want to fly to the moon and the second dream is I want a really lovely girl. My best friend is Hugo Li. Hello Hugo if you read this!

 Good bye!

English Letter


Hi my name is Andreas and i am 11. My dad is 50 and he’s name is Peter. My mum is 40-something and her name is Anita. I have 2 sisters one is 19 and one is 17. My 19 old sister name is Camilla and the other Caroline. I also have a dog named Alvin. My favourite food is taco and my favourite colour is black and red I like to play games and record videos to YouTube on Swedish.


Thank for reading!!