Halloweeni hihihi

It was an earliy halloween evening and Alex and Jesper was out Walking in the moonlight. They were out for trick or treat. You Alex? Don’t you think halloween is not that scary as it was some years ago. Yea, you totally are right on that one. They walk up to a house knocked the door and Sayed: Trick or treat! Out fell a dead women whit a carved vegetable in her hands. Ahh! screamed both of them and they ran away as fast as they could. They stop about 500 Meters from the house whit the women. What was that?! said Alex. Do you really thought i would know? said Jesper.


Were are we? said Jesper. Well all i know is that all our neighbors is gone. said Alex. Now i know! We’re at the cemetary! said Jesper. Suddenly a hand pulled back Jesper. Jesper? Jesper? Were did you go? This is not funny Jesper, come here now! But then also Alex got pulled in to the dark.

Who are you?! Said Jesper. I am Adam, one of the lone survivors… Wow,wow,wow. Explaine yourself! Said Alex. What do you mean whit ”lone survivors”? Every year on All hallows evening Death appear in one town on Earth and kill everyone he can lay his hands on. He alsow teleport one at the time to the cemetary! said Adam. So you mean he is still walking around here somewere? Yes. said Death himself.

Ahh! screamed everyone of them. There he stod, the nasty demon him self. Especilly Jesper thought he was frightening. If you can answer my riddle i will let you live and let all peaploe i killed so far live again. Here it comes: Where does the birds fly? ohh, thats a hard one… What about where there beak is pointing? Gaaah! How did you know?! Easy birds can’t fly but were there beak is pointing. Well i guess i have to let your peaploe live again. But beware, i’ll be back!
Poof! And he was gone again. Well that was scary. said Alex. I guess we should go home. said Jesper. Thanks for your infomation Adam. Your welcome!
The end

10.000 besökare!

Många har hittat till vår blogg. Nu har vi nått den magiska 10.000 gränsen. Det ska vi givetvis fira!

Detta kommer att hända:

  • Bloggen får ett nytt utseende. Andreas Häggkvist på sweet williams har gjort en ny superfin header till oss (den där bilden längst upp på sidan) vilken kommer att gälla nu ett tag framöver.
  • Vi kommer att ha en inspirerande videostund (innehåll hemligt)
  • Workshop. Klassen kommer sitta i grupper och försöka knäcka en rolig uppgift. (Innehåll hemligt).
  • Annat kul (även detta hemligt)

Tid och plats: Tisdag kl.12.30 i klassrummet

Klädsel: Efter önskemål från klassen är det finklätt som gäller (givetvis valfritt)

Det kommer att bli en toppenstund helt enkelt!