Hi i´m Calle! (engelska läxa)

Hi i´m Calle and i are eleven years old. I think it´s very fun to ski (slalom). I also like to mountain biking i´ts very funny. I don´t think it´s so funny whit economy on the news (but sometimes i´ts interesting). Ohhhh… what should i say… Yes ❗ I Get it ❗ 💡 In my family i had a big brother 14 years old, a little brother 3 years old, a little sister 8 years old, a mum 43-44 years old and a dad 43-44 years old (i think its wrong to say their names on the internet). Some christmas gift i wish me a chest sharp to my Gopro and a new phone (and some supernatural things like i could fly like a bird). If i were stranded on a little island i would take a person who could save me ( 😀 ). My favorite bands are Hoobastank, Band of horses and Glasvegas. My favorite songs are:
The funeral whit Band of horses and Geraldine whit Glasvegas. If you think this text was  good take your time to give it a like and please wright a comment i´ts make me happy ❗ And if it are a question so i answer so fast i can.

Had a merry Christmas and a happy new year ❗


Engelska läxa


My name is Isabelle and I come from Sundsvall in Sweden.My favourite colours is pink,black,blue,red,purple and  all rainbows colour.I am ten years old and I was born on December 30 2001.My familys name are Åsa,Matsgöran,Josefine,Therese och Nathalie.

Åsa is my mom,Matsgöran is my dad and Nathalie,Therese and Josefine are my three sisters.Åsa is 45 years old,Matsgöran is 52 years old, Nathalie is 26 years old,Josefine is 8 years old and last but not least Therese is 25 years old.

We like almost the same type of things in our family. We like a lot to travel to warmer countries on the holidays. We also like to ski  in the winter.The whole family lives in Sundsvall except Nathalie she lives in Stockholm. I have quite a lot of friends at school t.e.x Ida.My favourite food is pizza,chicken,meat,potato gratin and more.

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Engelska läxan

Hello my name is Ida. I am eleven years old. I like to play tennis and cook food. I have many friends. In school i like  english ,sports and sew. My favorite colors are red,pink purple, blue and black. I like winter .My favorite food are hamburger ,pizza and hasselback potatoes. My favorite animals are cats and dogs. my idol is Amy Diamond. My favorite  program is Vampire diares.  My family consist of my mum Åsa she is 40 years old. My dad Tony he is 41 years old. At  least my litter sister Elin she is 6 years old. I live in sweden in sundsvall in a house with 2 bathroom tree bedrooms  one kitchen  and one basement . Well good bye.

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