What i think will happend at christmas

Hello, this is what’s gonna happen at my christmas this year. First of all we are going to be here in Sundsvall, att my uncels house. everyone from my moms side of the family is coming. We sit there the whole evening talking to eachother. It is very nice, we often talk about Everything and nothing. By Three 3 o’clock we whatch Donald duck, thease Days I think Donald duck is bader than it used to be, with all the new Disney Movies they just add to much. It was better when it only was classics.

We always eat christmas table when we’re there, its always really tasteful and delicous. After everything i always fell very tired when it’s all done. We are pretty much always there to about 11 o’clock, which is kinda late.

That is my christmas, hope you have a very nice christmas! I know i will!

To be continued…