We interviewed two preschool-graders

– What you think about skösmons skola?- That´s good.

-What´s your name?- Alicia and Maya.

-How old are you?- 6 years old.

-What´s your favourite color?- Pink,purple and black.

-What´s your favourite food?-Tacos

-Do you have one sister and brothers?- One brother and one sister.

– Goodbye!




In this homework shall I interview my mom.

Isabelle: What´s your name?

Mom: My name is Åsa Isaksson.

Isabelle: What`s your favourite color?

Mom: Green is my favourite color.

Isabelle: What`s your favourite food?

Mom:   I think it was a difficult issue. I like the most kind of food.

Isabelle: Do you have any specially interests?

Mom: I like to travel, beeing out in the nature and to be with my family.

Isabelle: What is the worst thing you know?

Mom: War, injustice, diseases and moskitos

Isabelle: If you might wish three wishes what would that be?

Mom: Peace on earth, that everybody should be healthy and more wishes.

Isabelle: Ho old are you?

Mom: I am 46 years old.

Isabelle: What´s your favourite animals?

Mom: Dogs, cats and birds

Isabelle: What´s your favourite music?

Mom: Pop

Isabelle: Which season do you like most?

Mom: I like the summer best

Isabelle: Which sport do you like best?

Mom: Minigolf

Isabelle: Which kind of mobile do you have?

Mom: I have an Iphone 5

Thank you for the interview Åsa! 🙂

// Isabelle





On friday I do not remember what I did. But on saturday me and my sister takes sibling photo. We’ll give Grandma and Grandpa them for Cristmas present. When we were there, I saw my last class mate Linnea. That was nice to meet her. When we came home me and my sister went mattress with my friend Wilma down from the hill beside our house. On sunday we went to Tonhallen for looking at danceworlds Cristmas show. After that the hole family went to Grandma and Grandpa. I love Grandma´s food. It is delicious.


English Homework

One summer many years ago there was a girl and her friends which are going out for a trip by boat. It was a sunny dag and all of them weared sunglasses. They joked with each other and laught and had very fun. Suddenly one of the girls called Christina dropped her bracelet from the boat down into the water. She screamed and jumped out from the boat to fetch the object. It was very deeply and she swam against the bottom of the sea. The others shouted loud  – Come back Chris! Where are you? When some minutes has passed and she still had not come up they were very scared and worried. One of the boys jumped after her in the water. After a while he found her. He swimmed with her up to the others in the boat. She could not breath. She had almost drowned. The boy did the kiss of life for her and after a while she started to cough up water and began to breath again. She cryed and was so happy that friend had saved her life.



In England they like to eat fish and chips. But they also like to eat food with spices for example indian food.

The English flag has two colors and it is red and white .

London is the capital of England. In England there lives a lot of foreigners from many different countries in the world. Sometimes it lives an American at the first floor, an  English at the second floor and an African at the third floor and so on. Unfortunately there is also many rasistic people in England.


Capital : Huvudstad

Unfortunately : Tyvärr

Different : Olika


English Homework

Halloween is an American tradition which people do every year in the October 31.

In halloween me and my friends used to go to our neighbors and say trick or treat. We dress up and try to look frightening. to fright demons and bad spirits. When the neighbors says treat we got candys, fruits or money. But if they says trick we tip there dustbin.

We also usually carve out scary faceys in pumpkins and pumpkins is a sort of vegetables. Then we put a light in it so it looks even more scary. Halloween is another word for all hallows evening. In America the children used to give the adults a riddle and if the answer is right they got a candy.

Halloween is quite a new tradition i Sweden. The day after halloween is called all saints day.


Neighbors = Grannar

Dustbin = Soptunna

Tip = Välta

Vegetables = Grönsaker

Frightening = Skrämmande

Quite = Ganska