Interview Homework


I interviewed my friend Ida. I asked her some questions. Let´s go!

Isabelle: What´s your name?

Ida: My name is Ida Kristina Carlsson.

Isabelle: How old are you?

Ida: I am twelve years old.

Isabelle: How many persons are you in your family?

Ida: We are four persons and one dog. It is my little sister Elin, my mom Åsa, my dad Tony and me and our dog Charlie.

Isabelle: What´s the color of your eyes?

Ida: My eyes are blue.

Isabelle: What´s your hair color?

Ida: My hair is blond.

Isabelle: What´s your favourite food?

Ida: It is butter rings.

Isabelle: What´s your favourite color?

Ida: I have many favourite colors but those colors I like best. It is : pink, purple, blue,red and gold.

Isabelle: What is your interests?

Ida: I play tennis, I like to being with friends and tweaking.

Isabelle: What color is your tooth brush?

Ida: My tooth brush is blue.

Isabelle: What´s your favourite animal?

Ida: It is dog, cat and magpie.

Isabelle: What´s kind of food do you not like?

Ida: I don´t like black pudding and pölsa.

Isabelle: What´s your favourite school mate?

Ida: It is English, crafts, sports and physics.

Isabelle: Max or MacDonald´s?

Ida: Max is the best.

Isabelle: Do you like ice cream?

Ida: Yes who don´t?

Isabelle: What´s your favourite movie?

Ida: It is Forest Gump.

Isabelle: What´s your favourite music?

Ida: Timber with Pitbull and Kesha.


Thanks for the interview Ida!




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