I did interview my mother.

Whats your name?

– Sofia.

Whats your favorit food?

– My favorit food is potato gratin and meat.

What was your favorit subject in school?

– It was image, but that was in the 9 grad.

How old are you?

– Im 40 years old, but I feel much younger.

Whats you favorit TV show?

– It most be Solsidan, I dont watch TV that often.

Whats you favorit movie then?

– Its the Lords of the rings trilogy.

Which is your favorit song?

– Its Monsters whit EMINEM and Rihanna.

Which is your favorit singer?

– Its Rihanna.

Which is your favorit season in the year?

– Its summer, of course.

Wat is your favorit animal?

– Its cats, they are pretty cute.

Which country would you like to go to?

– Dominican Republic, Its warm and nice water there 🙂




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