Real facts

We, me and Rasmus did ask our creepy teacher to answear some questions;

We did ask Mathias Nässpetare how old he was, he was… ehhh, very old… We did ask him whats hes favorit singer was, it is morsi morris, we did also ask him about hes favorit song it was oppa gangnam style.

Rasmus did ask him wich food he did enjoy the most, it was wood food/plankstek. He favorit car brand was Volvo 740 turbo. We did ask him wich animal he likes and it was (hot)dogs. Hes favorit film is The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he really thinks its romantic and funny.

We did ask him if he are a crazy person or a serious persron, at the same time we askd that did he jump out of the window and did 2 backflips and landed on a ant.

How dangerous he is on a scale, 11/10. Beware.





Obs: not real facts.




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