I interview both my mom and dad. I asked them same questions.

1. What`s your name?

Mom: Gisela Lindborg

Dad: Richard Lindborg

2. What`s your favourite food?

Mom: Meat and potato

Dad: Pizza

3. What`s your favourite colour?

Mom: In clothes I like black, but I also like white and red

Dad: Red

4. What`s your favourite animal?

Mom: Maybe dogs

Dad: Dog

5. What`s your favourite movie?

Mom: I don`t know

Dad: Many different

6. Where would you like to travel?

Mom: USA and right now to New York to visit Nathalie ( my, Moas, cousin )

Dad: Monaco and watch on Formula 1

7. What do you like most cross-country skiing or slalom?

Mom: Slalom

Dad: Slalom

8. What`s your favourite season?

Mom: Summer of course

Dad: Summer

9. Where do you want to live? In what country and city?

Mom: I like to live in Sweden and Sundsvall but maybe I would like to live in USA too

Dad: Monaco and I would like to have much Money

10. What´s the worst you know?

Mom: I don´t like death and diseases

Dad: Violence

11. What´s your favourite sport to watch on tv?

Mom: I like to watch many different kind of sports. For example ice hockey.

Dad: Different kind of motorsports

That´s all and thank you mom and dad for the interviews/ Moa


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