English homewurken

Hello, now im going to explain a event i have. I was in Danmark and was going to the beach and tryed to get suntanned and swim in the sea. All over the first meter of water it was alot of jellyfishes. Some of they were really big. The thing was that i didnt wanna step on them so i got to jump over them and out to the sea. I tryed and i did it. I didnt step on a jellyfish. The sand there was fantastic, and i got to go very far out for the water to pass my waist so i stopped when it was under my waist. Then me and my freind Isabelle throwd frisbee in the water. The thing was that there wasnt any jellyfishes long out where we are. But then actually when i threw me out in the water to catch the frisbee, when i was about to stand up, i stepped on a mini jellyfish. I got so scared that i didnt wanna swin there anymore and my freind Isabelle just laughed at me! I will never swin where there can be jellyfishes again. Well, that was my stora i hoped you liked it

Kisses and hugs.


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