English home work


When me and my family makes dinner we are in the kitchen as usually. Most of the time we makes supper. Because my mom and dad works and i am in school. I dont like to make food but  sometimes you just have to. Here is an example: lets say we gonna make potatoes , meet and sauce. Sometimes we have to carry up  some food from the freezer in the basement. Because the big freezer stands in the basement. We have one upstairs also, a small one togheter with the fridge. When we start to kok we cutt the meet in pices. we rehet the oven and next we putt the meet in it. We boiles the potatoes and at the same time boil the Creamsauce. In our sauce we have spises and Cream.

When dad comes home he asks: What`s for supper?and he walks straight to the kitchen. Dad is laying the table and when the supper`s reddy we all sit down and eat. After supper we taking it easy and chill.


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