This week I will tell you about me and England. I`m a boy on 12 years. My interests are football and FIFA 14. My favorite food is Pancake and Hamburger. My favorite color it is Red and Black.  I`ll don`t like racist people, I think at all people are worth as much.


England is very popular because they are very great in football. The biggest teams is Manchester United and Manchester City. But they have one more popular thing in England, and that is Fish and Chips. In England, they have a big shopping house with toys on the first floor, on the second floor .a.s.o.


First, peole in India thought that earth was flat. And if you travelled too far away on the water, you would fall over! But later on, they realized that the earth was round.


ASO – And so on = OSV

Flat – Platt

 Racist – Rasistiskt 



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