English homework

I dont know what i should talk about but i will give it a try. I am 12 years old and i live in sweden. My favourit color is blue/turkås and i like to cook. I like when i have spices and other things in the food like vegtebles. In my house its many foreigners, and many got family from india. I  thinks that is cool. I think thats nice becuase they got to live where they want, im not an racist at all. Even if they eat the food they got from their homeland. And i was thinking of england, it would be nice to eat like fish and chips to lunch. It would be delicious! Well, i really like much food, but i never eated fish and chips so it would be nice. Im hungry, im gonna cook or make some food now and then i will be forced to bed. Btw my bed is flat!

Hard words:

Btw: By the way (dont know how to spell it in swedish)

Forced: Flyttad.



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