England ( Homework)

Hello im gonna tell you some things obut England, Englands capital is London. Their prime minister is David Cameron. Lots of the English rockband had a meaning in rockhistory , some of them are: Beatles, Queen, sex pistols, Iron maiden, Tne animals och Radiohead. In England Fish and chips are fastfood (like hameburger. ) Lots of english eat india food and there in england people like to eat spices on ther food. On their flag is nthe color blue, white and red. Their are much apartments in England and in a apartment you can have much floor like first floor, second floor and third floor like that. The travel people in Irland and England call irish travallers. It´s over 400000 foreginer as live on grant in England. The english jerks skrewdriver year 1982 stepped forward in media as racister and make them spokespersons for all skinheads. It was Columbious as proud that earth was nott flatt whithout round, Columbious brother left Lissabon becuse he seakt support in England and France. Englands football team is three Lions. One Directon are a irish – britsh boysband. In England they drink much te. In England wimbledon is playing ( tennis) in london. Björn Borg has five titels of wimbledon , björn borg is swedish. It rains much in England not very sunny. Ian Mckellen are a famos actor and is born in Burnley ., he are famos for x- men and lord of the rings.

Have it vell and goodbye!!


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