Hello, and welcome to my home, sit down and take some vegetables! I have alot of pumpkin smears those days when its almost all saitns day and all hallows evening. Oh! You wonder why I have alot of pumpkin smears? Yes, Im going to tell you, calm down! Its soon halloween so you need to prepare!

You dont know what halloween is? Well I guessing you want to know? Ok this is how its works, the childrens really love halloween, because they can go trick and treat! You dont even know what that is? Wow! What have you done whit your life..? Trick or treat is when the kids go out and knock on the neighbors house and when they come and open the door you just say ”trick or treat” whit an smile on there faces. Then hopefuly for neighbors they say treat and need to give the kids candy or something nice to eat. But if they say trick, you can probadly guess whats happening then?

You just wonder why I got all this pumpkin smears, you dont even care about trick and treat? Oh, then I need to tell you. Long ways back into the time people though that witches, skeletons, monsters and demons where real! So they did carve there pumpkins out and did make them so frightening as possible. They did hope that the pumkins would get rid of the monsters! Sometimes did the monsters give the humans in the house a riddle!

You really need to go now? It whas so fun, and you didnt eat to much of my smears? Oh, you didnt like it, I really understand, you cant really do much whit all of it, maybe an pumpkin pie…. But I dont know, bye then! Come back soon! And sweet dreams!

Wordlist for hard words;

Vegetables = Grönsaker.   Demons = Demoner.   Smears = smet.    All hallows day = Alla hallows kväll.     All Saints day = Alla helgons dag.     Trick or treat = Bus eller godis.     Neighbors = Grannar.      Frightening = Läskig.      Carve = Skära.    Riddle = Gåta.    Pie = Paj.

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