English Homework

Halloween is an American tradition which people do every year in the October 31.

In halloween me and my friends used to go to our neighbors and say trick or treat. We dress up and try to look frightening. to fright demons and bad spirits. When the neighbors says treat we got candys, fruits or money. But if they says trick we tip there dustbin.

We also usually carve out scary faceys in pumpkins and pumpkins is a sort of vegetables. Then we put a light in it so it looks even more scary. Halloween is another word for all hallows evening. In America the children used to give the adults a riddle and if the answer is right they got a candy.

Halloween is quite a new tradition i Sweden. The day after halloween is called all saints day.


Neighbors = Grannar

Dustbin = Soptunna

Tip = Välta

Vegetables = Grönsaker

Frightening = Skrämmande

Quite = Ganska

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