hellowen home work

Tuesday, October 29, Me and my mom went down to  town with our bikes and bought a vegetable, pumpkin at Hemköp. And my mother took the pumpkin in the bike basket, and after that we went home with our bikes and pumpkin. When we got home,we carved and dug out  the pumpkin. When we were finished  we put it out on the porch. I put a memorial candle in the pumpkin because it would shine longer. We also put a hat on it. On All Saints’ Day me and my family ate a delicious dinner. My grandma was also with us. After the dinner my friends arrived. They where ready for the All saints’ night. We dressed ourselves into demons. We had masks on us. My friend’s little sister was dressed like drakula woman. And then we went out in the neighborhood and did trick or treating. Not so many neigbours where frightened. They said that we looked scarry. But i Think they just said that. we didn`t ask them for a riddle or a joke because we want to keep the candy for our selfes=).


vegetable –



porch – brokvist

arrived – ankomst

Memorial Candle – gravljus



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