The scary spirits

On haloween most kids dress up like a zombies or a whitches , than they go to house to house  and just say one word trick and treat . If they say treat  they give them candy or money sometimes you can even get fruitage but candy it´s delicuos. If they say trick you can  make some funn things like take toilet papper and throw over the house.The neighbor often say- what a scary costume or – you look scary! But haloween is not just obut   ” trick or treat” in some houses . it´s really scary demons or scary spirts  so live in the house, and it`s a old story that old spirits or demons are old whitches so are comming back and try to frightening everybody becuse they died on haloween and want revenge. And the say that they gonna carve out our soul and let then rot in hell. The day before haloween it´s caled All saints day or All haloween. Many pepole don`t have candy so the can give vegetables. All halows evening it´s lots of people are teling ghost story but certain don´t like scary story so they like riddle or just a joke. In old times they used to start a firer becuse they want all spirits and demons away. On haloween some buy a pumkin and let it stand outside. But halowen is actual a nice feast when you can get candy and have fun and dress scary. But remember haloween is just one time of a year so have fun . A last thing trick or treat ? 

Wordlist of hard words ( age 11 12)

Carved,( skära) riddle (gåta) , Lit (starta), frightening ( skrämmande)

gardens ( trädgård)  adults ( vuxna) Becaues  ( för)



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