I dont know what my title is

Its was a 100% normaly day and Amanda were study science at high school. She looked at George who sit at the right flank of her, he was making a drawing. She looked at him and thought: He never gonna be something. He was just floting through school.

And behind her is sitting Glen, he was just thinking about his shape and mussels(?).

At the left flank of her sit Monza, she was a runner from Irak, its war there.

And in front of her sit Penny, her best friend. She wasen’t that good in school, just beacuse of that she has been teased and smockt in soon a year. And they give her desertnames as like ”The cross” just beacuse she was writing crosses on everything.

Amanda her self were teased to beacus she was a ”swot” some peaople thought. Sometimes they throw rulers and pencils at her, and sometimes they point whit there index fingers at her.

But she hade revenge tactic, she like fooled them that i were something under school, and when they went to look there all the teachers been really angry.

She was believeing that was gonna take her gradution, and be a scienthist. That’s her highest dream.
Now her teacher said: Listen! Today were are gonna make a circle beacus of your lateknowing brains dosen’t remeber how to do one. Boring! said the biggest jerks of them all, he’s name is Fato (funny enought?). Shut up! said they teacher. One more word and i’m gonna take apart you!

Then everyone were shuting up (?) wihtout Fato, who were taking apart beacuse hi was lauhing of that there theacher said.

The end.


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