Engelska läxan

It was once a cool guy. His name was Mike, he was 15 years old. Mike love science thought it was embarrassing so he kept the secret. One day when Mike sat in his seat and drew the teacher came up and said I did not know you were an expert in science. All stared at Mike and they did not believe her.The teacher went around and showed his test for no one believed her. The other students felt fool. The teacher walked around and pointed his index finger on the score, but no one believed the teacher. The teacher every angry and tore apart Mike’s reviews. Mike every nervous and looked down at the bench. On the bench was a ruler with a weird shape it was kind round like a circle. Now, finally the school ended and then went home and Mike precise when he came in, he saw a cross on the floor. He moved around some rocks. There was a treasure!!!!!!! 🙂

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