Based on a (maybe) true story… ”Robbery”

I’t was an june midnight, and a spooky silence was over the happy town oxford. The people says that it was an robber sneaking in the edges of the town. Suddenly! 02:00 am the alarms howls and the city bank had become robbed. I’t was a big hole with the shape as a circle in the window and the robber gets in there. In the morning it was police mens all over the town, they searching for clues but the robber was really clever and left no trace. I saw it on the news when I eat my breakfast and I believed they I’ll never done it (even though we have science, etc.) . Now two weeks later they’ve fool the robber ( I may not tell his name but i get an drawing of the robber) and now he are in the prison ( one police men get his index finger print on a glass) . The police men doesn’t found the weapon that the robber use cuse it’s float away across the sea. Now we can feel safe and happy in our beautiful little town again!

The end!

2 thoughts on “Based on a (maybe) true story… ”Robbery”


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