My name is Clara and I am 12 years old. I am from Sweden in Sundsvall. I like speedskating, golf and floorball. My favorite food is Taco. Taco came from Mexico. My nickname is Clarren or Clara. I live with my family in a yellow house. My little brothers name is Isac, he is 10 years old. My mum and my dad is peaceful and my mums name is Jeanette, and my dads name is Bjorn. I talk Swedish because I am Swedish. My birthday is 26 February. I don’t have someone favorite music I like all most all music. My favorite subject is craft and sports.

In my family we celebrate Christmas. We open one present on the Christmas morning in the Christmas sock. We eat breakfast after we open our presents. Too breakfast we eat bred and yoghurt. Our grandmother and grandfather are coming for lunch. Too lunch we eat porridge. All the day waiting I and Isac too the Christmas Clause coming, they are a long waiting! Too dinner we eat Christmas board. After the dinner is they time too open the presents. They are the Christmas clause som coming with the presents. A little bit of the presents have we under the Christmas tree. Our relative coming and we have fun!

On  the winter I training four times on the week. I train three times on the week with speedskating, And one times of the week with floorball. My family likes to fly too other countries. I like paint and I think I like too writing. That was a little bit facts of me.


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