My name is Tilde Eriksson. I was born on the 19 of December in 2001 so it is soon my birthday!!! I live in a town called Sundsvall in Sweden. I like ski and mountain bike. I also started to play little guitarr, it is verry fun. My family is my mum, my dad and my two sisters. One is called Jennie she is 19 years old and she like to ski just like me. My other sister is called Emelie she is 25 years old and she also like to ski just like me. My mum is 40 years old and she work at Koneo in Sundsvall and my dad is 52 years old and he work at IL Recycling. I have a little dog. He is called Sigge and he is 4 years old. All in my family like to ski. My family have a house in Åre.

Bye bye and merry christmas!


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