English homework


My name is Troj and I come from Sweden.

My favorite food are pizza and it´s really nice food and I mean it. My favorite animals are Penguins and  I live with my mom, dad, little sister, little brother, my dog and my cat.

I don’t gonna say all name’s, I don’t want to.

Okay! I have blond hair and brown eye’s (its strange how I got them?) and I am medium long and I have cool glasses. My favorite game are Minecraft and my favorite blog are www.arbetsro.wordpress.com. I have short hair (last summer I had long hair). So my favorite movie are of course ”Lord of the rings”. I don’t say hi I say YO It´s so I say hi and I like to talk in Skype, it´s fun.

I love London and I love to act theater, I also like to play games ex. Halo 4. Now I read a book called Harry Potter and my dream are to be a Youtube star and to get 100k subs. My favorite youtube channel are CraftedMovie because they make nice movies. I like to read some commix its fun and my favorite komix are ”Knasen” he is really fun and I like dubstep it’s a music style.

In my room I have a Tv and computer and writing table and of course a bed. I love fruit I eat 2 every day!

Visit our Blog: www.arbetsro.wordpress.com


Ps: its a swedish blogg!



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