Engelska läxa

Hi! My name is Josephine and I`m 11 years old. I live in Sundsvall, Sweden. Did I tell yoy guys that I´m a girl? If I didn`t, well I am! I live in a white house at Klintgatan 15. In my house we have three floors. My room is on the 3d floor, and I have white walls.

We are four people in my family. It´s me, my yonger sister Martine, my dad Håkan and my mum Grethe.

I go to school at Skönsmon skola. In my class we are 22 pupils, 10 girls and 12 boys. Our teatcher´s name is Mathias. We are a pretty normal class.

When I´m not in school, I like to play fotball. My team´s name is SDFF. We are wery good. My nuber is 11, I think that´s a great number.

I also play floorball, and the name of the team is IBF Södermalm. In my team I play with Hannah and Clara from ny calss. We hav fun together and we play well. I have 17 as number on my back.

I also train and compete in speed skating with Sundsvalls skridskoklubb. The next competition is in Eskilstuna in January. My classmate Clara, her younger brother Isac and my sister Martine will also go to Eskilstuna so that should be fun.

My favourite food is…..I really don´t know. It´s som many different things I like so I can´t pick one special.

I like to photograph and be with my friends, and don´t forget….I LOVE TO TALK!  I LOVE IT! I feel so free when I`m talking. I can talk slowly, fastly, and just normal. Well, that´s me!

Happy Hollidays!

Hugs from Jossan

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