Engelska läxa


My name is Clara and i am 11 years old. I like sports. I play floorball and like speed skating and golf. Three days every week i go to the track where me and my speed skating club is training. Some day i will be an olympic medalist. I like winter, because then i have my birthday. I also like tweaking with my friends. My favorite food is taco and we often eats thats on fridays. My favorite colours are black,red and white. In school my favorite subject are maths, gymnastic, handicraft and drawing.

We are four people in my family. My little brother Isac how is nine years old. Then we have my mother Jeanette and my father Bjorn, and the last one is me. We live in Sundsvall on Spånvägen 8. Our house is yellow. With my family i have traveled to many countrys. My favorite holiday country is Thailand. /Clara


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