Min engelska läxa


My name is Moa and I´m 11 years old. I was born in Sundsvall in 17 october 2001. I live in a house with my mum and dad in Sundsvall. My room is in the basement and I like that. My mums name is Gisela and my dads name is Richard. I have no brothers or sisters.

I love to dance disco and street. I dance many times a week at danceworld. I compete with my friend Hannah in both disco and street.

I also like slalom, being with friends and to sing. In summer I like to swim and eat ice cream.

My favourite colour is blue. My favourite food is chicken and potato but I don´t like pizza. I don´t like to eat breakfast if it´s not pancake =).

In school my favourite subject is maths, handicraft and to draw.


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