My English home-work

Hello my name is Axel and I are 11 years old. And I live in Sweden, Västernorrland, Medelpad, Sundsvall, Haga, Malmgatan, adress 12. My house is gray-blue and Its big. We got a porch and an garage.  My room got graffiti-walls, its very cool. Opposite my door are it two closet and by the right are it a desk whit and computer like I have write this on. And at the right at the desk are it a bookcase whit some books and some movies. At the opposite are my bed and a table. And opposite that its my X-Box and my Tv. My family I got 4 sisters one in age 11 she name are Agnes, Vilda is 5 years, Saga 3 years and Ida is 3 to.  I got one dad and one “plastic” dad. My dad, Stefan is 37 years old, my other dad, Micke is 37 years old. I got two moms to, one mom and one “plastic”. My mom are 38 years old and my “plastic” mom is 31 years old.

So this is me, and my family.



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